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Put simply, the name SkyShark Tubes is a name that you will come to know in the kiting world. Owned and operated by our mentors, Jon and Marieanne Trennepohl. SkyShark's line of carbon is known for its durability and beauty, and backed up by brilliant customer service of two of the most knowledgeable and kind humans in the industry. All Canvas Kite Designs kites are framed in SkyShark tubes.

Also owned by Jon and Marieanne Trennepohl, Kites and Fun things has all you need for your repairs, builds, and accessory information. With over 50 years combined in the industry, these two can track down and provide you with any information you need on almost anything that has to do with wind.

Containing a kite archive, trick tutorials, a kite podcast and so much more. This one-stop-shop for all things sport kites is a treasure trove of information. Both Devin and John are regular members of the Sport Kite Podcast- check it out!

The name of this site says it all. Owned and operated by kiting monument John Barresi, this is another one stop shop for kiting information and tutorials. If you’re not active on social media, there’s even a forum for you.

Featuring videos of as many kites as he can get his hands on, Karel Oh has put together a great resource for both relaxed and studious viewing. A great resource for exposure to sport kites from all over the world, with designs spanning over three decades.

The American Kite Fliers Association is a staple name in the industry as well as the governing body for American competition.

This website contains a brilliant source of videos, well written reviews, and more. A great resource for all kiters, especially those looking to get serious about the sport.

A sister website of the Kite Clique, the Virtual Freestyle page enables pilots to submit a short excerpt of their flying for online “competition.” During each round, prizes and of course great feedback is given from fliers all over the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to either view or participate in a great way to grow your flying.

A place geared toward early development in flying, and enthusiasm. A very busy page focused on questions and sparking joy in kiting.

A time capsule of content and information from kites dating back pre-1990 to present. You might get lost in time while viewing this page, and it’s worth every second.

A great place for Canvas owners to talk and share everything CKD.

A new group from 2020, based out of the UK. The Hangar is run by UK pilot Frayz Cohen. Frayz is also the craftsmen of custom titanium handles for the Fulcrum quad kite. 

A great place to view pictures and videos of kite content from all over the world.

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