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Which CKD Model is Best For Me?

So you’re looking for a new kite, and you may have a few questions.


Which model suits my needs? Does having one model remove the need for the others in the CKD lineup?

At CKD, each model contains a very different personality, emphasizing a lesson to learn on your kiting journey. At CKD, choosing a model isn't a matter of when, but rather a matter of why. This gives you the power to address what you want to refine and explore. 


The Spur SE is built to excel on short lines and in turbulent winds. It flies fast, and encapsulates a persona that will “spur” you into the radical parts of your flying. It’s fast yet intuitive, and hands out tricks like the Taz Machine and Double Axels. Utilizing SkyShark P-series carbon cut to a short length, the Spur SE holds up to very strong inputs. This model will slowly teach you to relax your upper body to become even more agile as a pilot. The SUL counterpart utilizes Skyshark 2P and Radius carbon, zero ballast, and a bridle line upper spreader. This light yet balanced kite enables you to fly in just a breath of wind, and is capable of a very large trick repertoire. Its specific bridling moves the tow points inward, giving the flier an almost streetkite feel.


The Crux is our resident trick monster. Its design goals were focused on linking tricks together, and expressive, flowing freestyle flying. Boasting an incredibly deep but recoverable backflip, and rigid SkyShark PT-series frame, the Crux holds up to high impact tricks and groundwork over a generous wind range. The Crux has a high set bridle which comes with buckets of drive and semi-light pull. The Strong counterpart's 7pt and p400 frame give you the mass and strength for limitless freestyle in the highest winds, complimented by different sail geometry to balance the added mass to tame and centralize motion. Its SUL counterpart maintains the same qualities of the line, while utilizing a compression-based bridle for maximum response with lighter tubes. If you're looking to open doors in your freestyle flying, look no further than the Crux.


The Intention is the teacher of our line and is focused on elegance and refinement. Its low bridle points demand relentless line tension in flight, allowing the flyer to address any inefficiencies in their speed control and use of the full wind window. In freestyle, the Intention demands fluid and consistent inputs with keen attention to slack management. This is to show you what can be refined in your flying, and show you what is currently working well. Utilizing Sky Shark Nitro series framing, the Intention holds its form to fly in staggeringly low winds, yet hold up to high winds and impact as the flier adds new maneuvers to their repertoire. Its SUL counterpart uses a tight 3-point bridle and higher tow points to add drive and response in the lowest winds, while maintaining the same feel as the rest of the Intention line. Its stiff core, consisting of X-flow and Crystal T1 carbon, maintain a solid form over the full wind range and centralize mass for fluid, balanced rotation.

New for 2024, Frank and Tank are two sides of the same coin. Born from the same sail, Frank, a kite shop exclusive, is geared toward teaching pilots how to fully utilize a large sail. His trick speed is slow and deliberate, and is extremely generous to a variety of inputs. This is to help you explore your limits, and fully understand the components of your touch. His leading edge framing is recoil based which helps absorb any hard hits or crashes, while providing a 'spring' that helps with rotations and tricking. The reverse turbo bridle collapses inward when he's on his back, and outward in a fade, helping response and accuracy in a variety of orientations. 


Tank is a CKD exclusive and was born on one concept - accessibility and fun. Utilizing SkyShark's stiffest tube, the P400 Pro, Tank has an extremely rigid frame, however, strategically placed attachment points and standoff geometry provide flexibility and freedom in flight. Don't let the weight fool you, Tank flies in an extremely large wind range thanks to his turbo bridle and tow point placement, large sail area, active standoff configuration and unconventional framing. If you want a kite that's accessible and full of surprises, this one's for you.


Ultimately, the best review of our models are from our customers. If you’re still not sure, we’re happy to help you, but asking someone who flies what you’re looking for can provide you with unbiased, valuable information.  

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