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Used in the highest end kites worldwide, Japanese Aero Stuff carbon is highly regarded as the gold standard in sport kite materials. Its impressive stregnth to weight ratio is known to extend wind ranges and provide comfort in turbulent wind, offering you the highest performace in top teir boutique sport kites.


Aero Stuff uses bi-conical internal ferrules that are perfectly adjusted to the diameter of the tubes. The result is perfect continuity between 2 tubes, significatly reducing deformation and break points. 


There are three models for three uses:



A larger diameter conical tube, geared for use on large precision/Team kites, or models needing a firm cross section. Use large bi-conical ferrule.


Gold S: 

This is the stanard version of the Gold series tube. Slightly softer than gold, and used on all around or freestyle kites. Use standard bi-conical ferrule.


Blue (S):

High modulus conical tube in the standard diameter. Lighter and stiffer than the Gold S, but also more fragile to shocks. For use on ultra light and 3/4 sized trick kites.

Use standard bi-conical ferrule.

Aero Stuff Carbon and Ferrules

  • Tubes
Name Legnth Weight  Intended Use
Blue 82.6cm 10.7g Ultralight, small trick kites
Gold S 82.6cm 14.5g Freestyle and Polyvalent kites
Gold 82.6cm 14.8g Team and high impact kites
  • Ferrules
Name  Weight Use
*I.F.-S (11cm) 2.5g Blue, Gold S
*I.F. (11cm) 3g Gold

*Internal Ferrules (I.F.) can be internatlly sleeved with 6mm hollow, or solid ferrules for reinforcement. We reccomend this for high impact and full size kites.

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